Twitter vs Page Three Girls (TechCityInsider)

Date: 29 May 2013

At Digital Shoreditch 2013 our Sophie Hostick-Boakye was interviewed by technology sector news website TechCityInsider on the power of digital activism.

Can social networking campaigns do what years of feminist pressure couldn’t? Sophie Hostick-Boakye thinks so. Sophie Hostick-Boakye, head of The Young Foundation’s Digital Activism programme since 2011, explained why digital activism is important – it can showcase issues much better online and add extra pressure on authorities to act. Hostick-Boakye would like to use campaigns utilising this type of technology to get rid of the infamous “Page Three Girl” once and for all they could do what years of feminist pressure could never achieve and got the issue out in the public eye.

Watch the original interview on TechCityInsider’s┬áVimeo page.