Peer Researcher – through the Kickstart Scheme

Become a Peer Researcher with The Young Foundation! We are hiring through the Kickstart Scheme

What will I be doing?

As a Peer Researcher working for The Young Foundation you will be trained and employed to talk to people in your local community and people around the same age as you about specific issues, challenges or topics that matter to them. The work is fun and engaging and you’ll be working with other young people who want a new challenge and develop new and exciting skills.

Do I need to have qualifications or experience?

We provide you with on the job training, so you don’t need qualifications or experience to become a Peer Researcher. We are just looking for people who are open minded and curious about the world around them.

Am I the right person to take part?

If you are eligible for the Kickstart scheme then we want to hear from you! Ask your job coach about our Kickstart Peer Research opportunity today. Don’t know if you’re eligible for the scheme? Find out more here.

Who are The Young Foundation

The Young Foundation is a charity working across the country to support stronger communities. We do lots of research to understand people’s experiences on different issues, mostly with a focus on amplifying the voices and experience of people who are often ignored or not listened to. We use that research to create social change. That means supporting people to take action on the things they care passionately about or things that are affecting their communities in negative ways.

DEADLINE: 7th MAY 2021