building a happier world together

Action for Happiness

"Action for Happiness has grown rapidly from an idea on paper to a global movement with tens of thousands of members across over 100 different countries. The Young Foundation has been central to our success so far, not just by providing us with office space and practical support, but also with access to a wealth of expertise, connections and credibility that comes with its unique track record of success in social innovation"

Mark Williamson
Director, Action for Happiness

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Primary school children writing

Enabling Enterprise

"Enabling Enterprise has been supported by the Young Foundation since its infancy in 2010. Since then, we've developed a sustainable business model, a great set of business supporters, and are now working with over 12,000 students each year."

Tom Ravenscroft - Managing Director
Enabling Enterprise

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Young man in MyDex tshirt working at a laptop


“Mydex’s legal structure made me feel much less afraid storing very very sensitive data in one place.”

Chris Adams (Project Manager at AMEE)

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SIX bags draped over chairs

Social Innovation Exchange

The Social Innovation Exchange (SIX) is now the world’s primary network for social innovation and a reputable source of research, action and intelligence. With more than 5000 members across six continents, SIX connects, inspires and supports individuals and organisations – including small NGOs and global firms, public agencies and academics – committed to promoting social innovation. Through SIX, we can improve... Find out more

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Social Life

"Social Life is taking forward Michael Young's legacy of work on cities and placemaking, putting the lived experience of communities and residents at the core of what we do. Our work has grown out of The Young Foundation's Future Communities programme and we continue to work closely with The Young Foundation to expand our work and thinking."

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Studio Schools

"Without the Young Foundation there would be no Studio Schools. They came up with the idea, developed it, co-founded the Studio Schools Trust, and have continued to support us, through advocacy, advice, and action."

David Nicoll
Chief Executive
Studio Schools Trust

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TEPSIE: Growing Social Innovation

I strongly believe that today our strong European tradition of social innovation is more needed than ever. José Manuel Durão Barroso, President of the European Commission The field of social innovation is developing rapidly but the ability of Europe to coordinate and galvanise activities across EU Member States is limited by the lack of the... Find out more

Young woman speaking at event


“Prior to UpRising, I viewed leadership as something which existed at the higher more public levels: politicians and prominent leaders. However I have come to see that leadership can come from the bottom up, and make just as much change. I also understand what impact I could make in my future and how being a leader in my local community can improve local issues.”

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Female apprentice and mentor working in butchers

Working Rite

“The Young Foundation saved our business. They restructured our business model, developed our value proposition and ensured we became positive financially as well as socially.”

Sandy Campbell, Working Rite

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