National Peer Research Centre

Community-led research is undergoing rapid expansion, with businesses, academic institutions, public and private sector organisations recognising the benefits of working alongside the communities they serve, to deliver better solutions.

We believe peer research is fundamental to empowering communities so we’re building a national peer research centre, to ensure high quality peer research is at the forefront of decision making and change.

The centre will bring together those striving for community-led change and will be a platform for peer research organisations and those interested in engaging with peer research to:

  • Strengthen the peer research methodology and standards
  • Share learnings and best practice from across communities and sectors
  • Partner to enrich peer research outputs and outcomes
  • Showcase peer research and its impact to a wider audience

How do we join? We’re inviting peer research organisations, their peer research networks and industry champions of peer and community research, to join our national peer research centre. If you’re interested in joining, contact to find out more.