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Be More Michael

Who wants to make any predictions about 2021? The internet and media will be awash with them in the coming weeks; but talk to police commissioners, local authority chief execs and those close to their communities and a “growth in tension” is mentioned with increasing regularity; largely driven by unemployment which is projected to rise... Find out more


The Young Academy Investment Fund converts investment in East Learning to Revenue Participation Loan

We are delighted to announce the conversion of our investment in East Learning into a Revenue Participation Loan.  The Young Academy Investment Fund was established to fill a gap in the finance available to early stage start–ups which were attempting to revolutionise the education system. When we invested a small amount to allow East Learning to build a prototype of its Aspirations... Find out more


Nothing about us without us

Do you have experience listening to the people you exist to serve in order to improve what you do and how you do it? The Young Foundation have now launched an inquiry to explore the role of user voice and experience in social investment. With support from Big Society Capital and Barrow Cadbury Trust, we... Find out more

Resources to reduce and respond to self-harm and suicidal intent

Developed to support a whole school culture of early intervention and support around student mental health, and partnership working with CAMHS services, for deaf children and young people, and those on the autism spectrum.  These resources include: Simple tools to promote a shared understanding of managing risk, risk assessments, and the language used around mental... Find out more

The Work Life Ready Curriculum and Wheel

The Work Life Ready Curriculum and Wheel is a post 16 transition tool promoting positive outcomes, mental health and real-life skills learning. It covers 7 key areas: Personal Development, Daily & Living Skills, Money Management, Accessing the Community, Work Ready / Employability, Mental Health and Well-being, Learning and Development. Currently in development at Muntham House... Find out more

Reducing Exclusion: Early Intervention Approach

This programme helps schools develop a sustainable, whole school, proactive approach to reducing exclusions, through support for pupils with challenging behaviour, and social, emotional, and mental health needs. It is rooted in trauma-informed approaches. “We now have a process for pupils we are struggling with, who we feel are at risk of exclusion. The framework... Find out more

The Ambitious Framework: Educational approach for children with autism

The Ambitious Framework aims to enable schools and colleges to provide high-quality education for children and young people with autism whilst prioritising dignity, respect, and compassion. The framework is based on School Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SW-PBS). Part one provides tools to help settings review their practice, including a self-review tool, and a case study... Find out more