Civic Futures: Applications Open

Transformative social change has always started in and with civil society.

In a world which often risks being captured by the past, we need a civic society which can be both fiercely independent in organising itself, and also truly interdependent with all those seeking to build a shared future. In London, this civic society is already around us. It is represented by the people working tirelessly to serve their communities, by the city’s highly effective activists and organisers, its radical artists and curators, as well as by the individuals and networks exploring new ways of caring for each other and the world around them.

Deeply embedded in communities across the city, this civic society has a unique role to play in bridging us to new and unknown tomorrows. After a year defined by a series of shocks which have exposed and deepened the challenges facing London’s communities, our reliance on this civic domain has only become more visible. But it has also put extreme pressure on the people, organisations and networks that do that urgent work, without whom a just recovery cannot happen. In that context, Civic Futures starts by asking how we can build shared wisdom in making the transition to a better future? How do we best bring together some of the amazing people active across London to learn from and support each other in building that future?

Civic Futures is a growing Fellowship facilitated by KoreoDark Matter Labs and The Young Foundation, in partnership with the Greater London Authority (GLA).

As part of the programme, up to 30 people from across London’s civil society and local government will come together for a collective learning and discovery experience focused on peer connection, exploration and inquiry, systems thinking, and collaboration across London’s civil society.

For more information, download the information pack here. Or to nominate or apply please click here. The deadline for nominations for the 2021 cohort is Thursday 18th February, and the deadline for applications is Wednesday 23rd February.

Feel free to get in touch with one of the Civic Futures team at Koreo or the Young Foundation.