Following pivotal ESRC-funded research by Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU): University of Sussex on Technical Change, Employment and Inequality, The Young Foundation, in collaboration with SPRU, is hosting a policy workshop to explore implications of these findings on policy and practice.

The research findings highlight that innovation (R&D) has been associated with a 70% increase in precarious forms of self-employment, especially among young people and in services, transport and construction. The SPRU findings also illustrate the polarising effect technological innovation can have on the wage distribution between those who are lowest and highest paid, with a particularly acute effect on gender in the workforce.

This workshop will not only present SPRUs’ work but also other frontier research in the area of innovation, employment and inequality. The workshop will consist of two sessions:

  • The impact of innovation on employment and local labour dynamics
  • The impact of innovation on wage distribution

The aim of these sessions is to take stock of the most recent evidence and generate recommendations for policy on what can be done to ensure that technological innovation leads to an inclusive and prosperous economy for all. We are pleased to welcome Davide Consoli (Ingenio CSIC-UPV), Dr Neil Lee (LSE), Andres Rodriguez-Pose (LSE), Carlo Menon (OECD), Antonin BergeaudRob Joyce (IFS) and Madeleine Gabriel (NESTA) as confirmed speakers and discussants.

If you would like to attend, please register here.

We hope to see you there.