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Having the time to settle down with a book is great at any time of year. While many of us will not be having a traditional kind of holiday,  the opportunity to have bit of R&R time away from work means an opportunity to dive into a book. Check out our recommendations – old and new – from The Young Foundation team. And by all means – share yours in the comments section!


Swear!ng is g*od f*r you. The amazing science of bad language  – Emma Byrne “Amusing. Feels right for 2020 which is making some of us swear even more than usual!”

Talking to Strangers: What We Should Know About the People We Don’t Know  – Malcolm Gladwell “An exploration of what goes wrong when we talk to strangers – particularly interesting now in light of BLM movement and I’m waiting to see whether any of his positions change” 

Humankind – Rutger Bregman “Why we should shift our view of humanity to it being genuinely kind. Loads of real world examples, policy suggestions and accessible language.” 

On Earth We Are Briefly Gorgeous – Ocean Vuong A beautifully intimate autobiography where the poet tells the story of navigating the violence of America. Touches on themes of immigration, family and queer identity. “

The Watchman’s Rattle –Thinking our way out of extinction – Rebecca Costa “Published in 2010, it’s now a decade old, but no less salient. What if our brain has limits that prevent it from solving complex, existential problems?

Natives: Race and Class in the Ruins of Empire – Akala An analysis of race and class in contemporary British society”

State of WonderAnn Pachett The modern day Heart of Darkness but with much needed feminist update, Dr Marina Singh journeys into the Amazon charged with finding her former research mentor who has gone missing and is forced to confront her own experience of loss and sacrifice. “

Anti-Social – The Secret Diary of an anti-social behaviour officer – Nick Pettigrew “Rage-inducing, funny and heart breaking.The story of one council worker doing an impossible job.”

The Solace of Open Spaces  – Greta Erlich “Can’t get out into the wilderness for you fix of nature? Live vicariously in Wyoming with Erlich as she loses herself in unpopulated territory.” 

Why I’m No Longer Talking To White People About Race – Reni Eddo-Lodge “Published in 2017, an unapologetic account into racism and it’s intersectionalities. If there’s one piece you should read from the events following George Floyd this year, it is this.“ 



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