How to avoid yet more talk on tackling inequalities in the run-up to the general election

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The Young Foundation, led by CEO Baroness Glenys Thornton, challenges the political parties and parliamentary candidates to ask themselves these key questions on inequalities when writing their manifestos.

1) The Young Foundation believes inequality undermines the economy and corrodes our wellbeing, leaving its mark on communities, relationships, aspirations and self-worth. How will your Manifesto and policies reduce inequalities in our society? How will you know they will do so?

2) The Young Foundation supports people and organisations to take action together to create fairer communities where everyone can thrive. How will your policies allow communities to innovate and make change happen by stopping doing things to people and starting doing things with them?

3) The Young Foundation is a leading centre for social innovation; creating new solutions to society’s problems including developing innovations like the Open University, School for Social Entrepreneurs and Action for Happiness. How will your policies empower and promote sustainable solutions that tackle problems through social innovation, social investment and support for the social economy?

4) The Young Foundation’s research tells us that we need to change the way people think about society’s most pressing problems, who can solve them, and the possibilities for change. How will your policies facilitate systems change by focusing on the causes of entrenched issues rather than just short term reactions, often only when they have escalated into crises?

5) We believe that the democratic process should be inclusive and accessible. How will your party ensure your policies and your candidates represent and involve the diverse communities that make up UK society including class, gender, sexual orientation, disability, race and faith?

You can play your part and help us to challenge inequality by asking your constituency candidates these questions.

Join the conversation on Twitter and make sure what they tell you is #morethantalk #GE17


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