#YFWeekly International Women’s Day Edition

Each week we bring you highlights from across the three areas of our work; social innovation and investment, work with communities and research. On International Women’s Day 2017, we celebrate the work of women and highlight how our research and one of our partnering organisations is working to tackle continuing gender inequalities.

This week Tara Askham, co-founder of Infused Learning, the social enterprise that aims to change lives and opportunities through innovative education and training which inspires individuals to believe in their potential, provides her advice.
unequal-nationIn July 2015,  we published ‘Unequal Nation: The case for social innovation to work for a gender equal future’. It aimed to present an up to date picture of gender inequality in the UK, and explore how gender equality and social innovation actors can come together to create a positive, gender equal future for men and women. Here is a quote from one of the many pieces of research on gender inequality it draws upon:


Finally, our partners at Agenda Alliance, since forming in January 2016, have been doing a huge amount of work with policy makers, commissioners, service providers and voluntary organisations, campaigning for change for women and girls at risk. Last week, as part of their Women in Mind campaign, published research based on figures obtained from a Freedom of Information request, on the widespread use of face-down restraint against women and girls in mental health units. Read Director of Agenda, Katherine Sacks-Jones’ article in the Guardian on this heretara


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