We lead cutting-edge research into the character of contemporary inequality and socially innovative practices to create change, and to learn from and help evaluate efforts that seek to improve the world we live in.

We have a solid track record of exchanging and transferring knowledge to help drive actions and solutions. This involves leading work on:

  • theory and practice of social innovation, particularly that which is community-led;
  • ethnographic work on the character and experience of inequality;
  • storytelling and narrative work to help communicate unheard voices;
  • using evidence and insight to help policymakers, organisations and agencies better understand the realities and context they are trying to shape.

We like to get to the nub of an issue, and see systems, inequality and its impacts in context, not in isolation. We make sure we hear from people about their experiences of inequality and find out about what they’re doing to take action.

Our work this year: 

  • B-Mincome: testing the effectiveness of a universal basic income to tackle poverty in Barcelona
  • OpenMaker: accelerating distribution, decentralisation and mass collaboration between manufacturers and makers
  • Halstead Connected: Work to tackle social isolation in Essex
  • Amplify NI: Supporting community-led innovation in Northern Ireland

We actively seek collaborations, partnerships and commissions for bespoke research. If you would like to work with us or find out more about more about our current research, please get in touch with Victoria Boelman, Director of Research at