Dr Elaine Bauer


Elaine Bauer is Senior Research Fellow and Lecturer in the School of Law and Social Sciences, London South Bank University, Research Fellow at the Young Foundation and Associate Fellow at Institute of Latin American Studies. She is a Social Anthropologist with research interests including international migration, transnationalism, language brokering, race/ethnicity, and “mixed” families.  Her work concerns understanding diversity, resilience, and the role of history in interpreting identities, and socio-cultural transformations across time and contexts.

Elaine’s publications include Jamaican Hands Across the Atlantic: Transnational Families (2006, with Paul Thompson), and The Creolization of London Kinship:  Mixed African-Caribbean and White British Extended Families (2010). Her full list of publications is available here: http://lsbu.academia.edu/ElaineBauer

Elaine may be contacted at: bauere@lsbu.ac.uk or elaine.e.bauer@gmail.com.

List of publications :