Indy Johar

Senior Innovation Associate

Indy is an architect, and institutional innovator. He, on behalf of 00:/, has co-founded multiple social ventures from to the upcoming [A £4m Open Venture Accelerator] and has also co-led research projects such as The Compendium for the Civic Economy, whilst supporting several 00:/ explorations/experiments including the,

Indy was Director of the Impact Hub Association and Impact Hub Islington [the original Hub in the Hub Network] and worked Jonathan Robinson to design the protocols and modes of the network scaling. Indy is a Director of DataScienceLondon and an Advisor to the Earth Security Initiative.

Indy in collaboration with the Young Foundation is co-founding a new Applied Research, Design and Prototyping Centre focused on the development of new 21st Institutions and information architectures. The centre is currently working on the series of institutional start ups from the Polytechnic of the future to Corporate organisation for Social Innovation