John Piper

Programme Manager

John is responsible for delivering Reimagining Rent, the UK’s only housing accelerator programme that supports initiatives which specifically focus on vulnerability, and those on low incomes.

He also has a wider interest in developing an unbiased understanding of the UK housing crisis, ultimately tackling it through innovation, and disruptively challenging both how we define “home” and how we use our existing housing stock.

John believes that in order to achieve meaningful and sustainable change in the sector, solutions must involve tenants, owners, landlords, employers, local authorities and government in order to redefine how we use, trade and perceive housing.

He has first-hand experience of driving change in the Private Rented Sector, with a strong track record as an MD, founder and business consultant in this field. He has previously worked in industry and large scale engineering, which has provided him with considerable experience in delivering multiple partner projects.

John has a BEng in Chemical and Process Engineering from Strathclyde University.