Monica Nagore

European Project Manager Team: Research

Before joining the Young Foundation Mónica worked for the City of York Council as Innovation manager. This two years were an enriching experience for her. They led “Genius Open” a transnational project to transfer our open innovation model to involve citizens in the design of the solutions for their city challenges to the cities of Siracusa, San Sebastián and Tallinn. They were finalists of the Bloomberg Philanthropies competition, the Mayors Challenge, with “Right to Solve” an improved gaming version of Genius model. Therefore, using the same principles they designed a cross-cutting people-centred project management model used internally for re-designing public services. In Spain Mónica hold a varied experience in managing public services in Minorca. They created a new housing office and enabled access to public housing to all residents. During the most critical years of the crisis in Spain new groups of beneficiaries at social risk due to the new economical context were included in the framework of the Employment services and assisted. She was also involved in the implementation of the digital administration ensuring residents had online access to the most demanded public procedures and formalities.

Finally, Mónica is highly-motivated before new challenges and a positive and creative manager within Social Innovation and European and International projects. She is passionate about people thus believes technology is giving us a golden opportunity to involve a much wider group of people in the change processes we need today for a better world… and share it. Do not miss it!