Nat Defriend

Director of Places and Communities Team: Places and Communities

Nat leads The Young Foundation’s work to tackle inequalities in communities across England. Following a career as a criminal justice practitioner and manager in London, he spent 8 years in senior leadership positions within central government where he delivered national transformation programmes to improve the youth justice system built on partnerships between national and local government, and the commercial and voluntary sectors. As the leader of the Young Foundation’s place-based programmes in English cities, Nat co-ordinates the design and delivery of our approach to tackling urban inequalities, building strong coalitions of local partners, and ensuring that the voices of citizens, neighbourhoods and communities are heard by city leaders and policy makers.

Outside of his work with the Young Foundation Nat is vice chair of the trustees at London Youth, the umbrella organisation for youth work and youth clubs in London, and a director at Inspire Summer, an international language school for children aged between 9-17 years.