Amplify NI is a major five year initiative to support people in Northern Ireland to take action together, to create fairer communities where everyone can thrive. We are working across Northern Ireland with a main focus in Belfast, Derry/Londonderry and Enniskillen.

Like all places, Northern Ireland is brimming with creative and committed people. Yet so much of that potential is held back by the stark inequalities that exist across communities. Whilst peace has transformed many aspects of life, it has not yet ushered in the fairer and more prosperous society so many want and need.

Amplify NI is bringing people and organisations from all parts of the community together to:

  • Understand people’s lived experiences of inequality and how it can be overcome using ethnography and peer research
  • Identify new narratives of the better future people want for their communities
  • Create and grow the innovative projects, collaborations, organisations and campaigns needed to make change happen
  • Build connected movements of people working and learning together.

Our focus is on unlocking the latent potential for change that exists across the region, drawing people together around shared values, focusing on solutions rather than problems, building understanding of the tools and methods of social innovation and recognising that ultimately vibrant communities can only be built and renewed by the people living in them.

Amplify NI is part of our growing network of place-based initiatives that are seeking to establish new approaches to transforming cities and regions. You can read more about our Places programme and the cities and regions we are working with here.

You can find out more about the programme and our journey so far at

We are grateful to our funders, the Big Lottery Fund Northern Ireland, the Building Change Trust and the Northern Ireland Department of Social Development for supporting this work.’


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