We are pleased to be putting our expertise in wellbeing and resilience into practice in a challenging context in East London – which was at the heart of our founder Michael Young’s interest and work for 50 years.

The benefits of enabling young people to develop emotional resilience is undisputed. Building resilience in individuals enables them to lead more fulfilling lives. It can help mitigate the impact of other challenges faced and reduce the effect of social and economic inequalities. At the same time, it benefits society by reducing crime, unemployment and poor health and by building supportive networks.

In 2015, The Young Foundation and co-creation agency Latimer were commissioned by Newham Council, and funded by The Big Lottery HeadStart programme, to co-design a campaign with young people in Newham. The aim was to promote resilience and wellbeing in 10- to 14-year-olds and their parents and carers.

Working with young people in Newham, we designed and developed an energising and effective resilience programme – Bounce Back Newham – with the potential to boost wellbeing and adaptability in the face of life’s challenges.

Based on Angie Hart’s evidence based resilience framework, the programme focuses on action. Resilience moves are planned, taken and adjusted over a couple of months, and young people can do as many as they like – or take a break and try another when they feel like it.

A printed workbook allows pupils taking part in Bounce Back in school to track their resilience journey, while an online resource brings the programme to children wherever they are. The resources were designed to help young people understand the challenges they face and develop and embed new strategies to help them ‘bounce back’ through life’s challenges.

The workbook was piloted in five Newham schools and was well received by teachers and pupils alike:

“I think about the good things that happen to me each day and what I did well and write… how my day has been” – Year 6 pupil.

“On his easy moves, he says he takes his five minutes out. There was one time where he did have to do that and he just got into his book and wrote what he felt. That’s what was important.” – Learning Mentor.

The online resources can be accessed and logged into at http://bouncebacknewham.co.uk/.

You can find out more about the programme and the 2016/17 redevelopment by contacting tony.may@youngfoundation.org