Young people are growing up at a time when they face increasingly complex challenges and hurdles. We know that poor mental health affects a significant proportion of young people, and they will face labour markets which require young people to demonstrate effective social and emotional competencies and capabilities. Life’s daily trials require young people to rebound from setbacks and willingly face challenges.

Persistence, self-motivation and confidence are all resilient traits and are key factors in improving life chances, not least improving educational attainment. A teacher may be the ‘one good relationship’ that is a catalyst for a young person to develop resilient skills.

Bounce Back! is a pioneering, social and emotional learning programme developed by Toni Noble and Helen McGrath to support teachers to develop resilience skills in young people. The programme supports teachers and teaching staff to strengthen the pupils’ and teachers’ wellbeing and particularly their resilience to bounce back from adversity, rise up to challenges and seize opportunities. The Young Foundation provided support to schools to develop a whole school approach and one-day training workshop for head teachers, teachers and teaching staff.