We are working with Islington Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) to explore and visually bring to life Islington’s integrated care stories.

Joining up health and care services can offer users a more seamless experience, closer to home. Integrating care also means a better chance of finding better solutions for each individual, providing easier access to specialist services and advice, and ensuring people don’t go into hospital unnecessarily.

Islington CCG values insight and innovation, and has already engaged a wide range of stakeholders to shape its work on integrated care. It has started to redesign services based on these insights. To strengthen this process, the CCG wanted to share with the local community and frontline staff their insights and plans for the future.

In the first of our work packages we have produced, alongside community social researchers, We Care Together – Maggie and Rose’s Story. The animation tells the story of integrated care in Islington to help prepare frontline staff for changes in the way local health services work with each other. The animation was recently highlighted as good practice in a Guardian article.



There is a big overlap between Islington’s inclusive approach to integrated care and the Young Foundation’s approach to Citizen-Driven Health, putting citizen assets and needs at the heart of service development and delivery. We designed a process to build on the existing engagement, supplementing it with new insight and facilitating a collaborative process to tell the stories that mattered the most to local people and health and care staff. Our aim was to construct a process that would support a joint conversation between all the stakeholders in Islington, empowering local people to have a strong voice and a good understanding of integrated care in their local area.

We distilled the themes and narratives that had emerged in the existing work. We then supplemented these with a peer research process, equipping local people with the skills to uncover stories of why integrated care is important in Islington. We are now running a number of design workshops for local people and health and care staff to come together and collaboratively design visual communications tools.

For further information, please contact Kieron Williams.