The Young Foundation is working with a number of technology and public sector implementation partners to develop and test a citizen-driven health approach. It is often said that traditional healthcare takes a ‘deficit-based approach’. When something is wrong, we try to fix it. But often, the fix comes too late and can lead to much bigger healthcare needs over time.

Citizen-Driven Health takes the opposite approach – an ‘asset-based’ approach, supporting citizens to take the lead role in decisions about their own health and wellness and being engaged in the local community. By making citizens and communities more resilient, we aim to reduce the demand for healthcare and social care services, delay the need for hospitalisation and/or the use of higher dependency care accommodation.

Building on the Young Foundation’s expertise in co-production, action-based research and community engagement, we work with local health and care economies to map, activate and strengthen the multitude of formal and informal relationships that exist in local communities and which can play a strong role in overall health and wellbeing. On this basis, we develop technology-enabled tools and processes to keep people healthy, happy and socially connected in their own homes.

As this work progresses, it will generate rapid insights into what support citizens need to remain as the active owners of their health and wellbeing, with professional input and help.   Introducing a citizen-driven approach means that citizens define the agenda and priorities, and professionals and other service providers are part of their team, rather than the other way around.

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