We are delighted to announce that we are partnering with the Co-operative Group to conduct research on community wellbeing. The Co-op is developing a ‘community wellbeing framework’ to strengthen its support to the communities it serves through its businesses. The framework aims to inform the actions and decisions of local, organisational and national stakeholders and ultimately drive real improvements in the wellbeing of local communities.

The Co-op is woven into the fabric of nearly 1500 communities across the UK. Its values and mission place the wellbeing of these communities at the core of what The Co-op is and does.

The Co-op’s vision is for a practical and evolving tool which can become a vital window into the wellbeing of local communities as these prepare for, undergo, and adapt to local and national initiatives, policy changes, and significant local and national events.

Our research will put communities’ views and opinions about their own wellbeing at the forefront of this work. Developing the framework will include the delivery of 15 community workshops across the UK open to anyone who wants to attend, and a range of interviews with experts in community wellbeing and Co-op stakeholders.

Through a platform which will be open to all, this co-created framework will become an essential tool for The Co-op as it seeks to support thriving communities around its local stores and services, and to shape its future campaigns designed to strengthen community life, resilience and wellbeing. It will be available for others to use, acting as a resource for many organisations who are working to improve the quality of life in local communities.

In working with the Co-op we are building on our extensive experience of working within communities to deliver social impact, and on the rich experience we have gathered through our many years of work in understanding wellbeing.


Wellbeing in UK Communities: 15 co-production workshops


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