In the UK there are already over 60,000 social enterprises that trade to tackle social problems, improve communities, and people’s life chances. Social enterprises contribute £24 billion to our economy and employ 800,000 people.

However, whilst the sector flourishes, there is limited involvement from migrant, refugee and ethnic minorities. Lack of access to credit and funding alongside religious, gender and language barriers all contribute to the issue. As a result, opportunities for potentially high impact and community-focused enterprises and entrepreneurs are lost.

The Young Foundation is committed to raising awareness of social enterprise amongst these minorities and to helping grow the number of migrant, refugee and ethnic minority entrepreneurs in the UK.

In partnership with Metropolitan and Metropolitan Migration Foundation we will be working to develop five social ventures in Lambeth and Nottingham within the next year. This will build on the research we have already conducted to map the state of the migrant social entrepreneurship sector.



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