We are working with NHS England and other partners to support Healthy New Towns, a programme that aims to shape the health of communities and rethink the way health and care services can be delivered.

Healthy New Towns unites public health, NHS providers and commissioners, planners and developers on 10 new housing developments – Healthy New Towns – across England. The programme aims to demonstrate the impact of incorporating health and wellbeing into the foundations of new housing developments, and practical steps that can be taken to create healthier and happier communities.

To ensure the lasting impact of this work, The Young Foundation is working with partners to create a publication drawing on the insights of the 10 healthy new towns, as well as evidence from elsewhere.

The Young Foundation’s role is to explore how new developments can facilitate connected, involved and empowered communities by working with both existing and new residents. This will be combined with learning related to shaping the built environment and integrated health and care services.

This work draws on The Young Foundation’s extensive background in research and practical action on community engagement, health and housing. We will be working closely with our project partners, the Town and Country Planning Association, The King’s Fund and PA Consulting.

The publication will be published in March 2019.

For any questions about this work, please contact Amanda Hill-Dixon.