The Young Foundation is an associate in Social Innovation Europe (SIE) – Europe’s largest active social innovation community. SIE shows who is doing what, how and why across Europe.

SIE was established in 2011 as the first pilot action on social innovation under the Innovation Union. Funded by DG Growth, the SIE platform has become a community of over 3000 people across Europe, a go to place to understand the context of social innovation in different countries, and a database of organisations and events across Europe. The magazine hosts the SIE interview series, with actors across Europe talking about key issues, from Digital Social innovation to Stories of Impact.

Connecting across Europe – a network of networks

SIE is not designed to replace existing networks of innovation, but rather to bring them together. That’s why SIE connects with policy makers, funders and foundations, private sector organisations and social enterprises, NGOs and social service organisations, as well as think tanks, centres for social innovation and most importantly, practitioners.