We are delighted to be working with the Cabinet Office and DCMS to deliver the Inclusive Economy Partnership’s BOOST programme

About Us

BOOST is a six-month bespoke scale-up programme, delivered by a unique partnership between the government, civil society and business.

By unleashing the power of partnerships, BOOST provides organisations with proven solutions to one of our three social challenges with the ‘boost’ they need to positively impact the lives of even more citizens across the UK.

The Inclusive Economy Partnership brings together business, civil society and government to tackle the UK’s most pressing social and economic problems through cross-sector partnerships. We believe that partnerships are the catalyst to unleash potential and create the fairer, more inclusive society we all want.

Our Partnership Model 

Our partnership model brings together the distinctive skills, insights and networks of the economy’s three
major sectors: business, civil society and government. These partnerships are a catalyst for change and  allow every IEP member to achieve more by working together than they could alone.

This model is currently being applied across three challenge areas: getting more young people into work, to improving mental health support at work, and spreading financial inclusion to the millions unbanked or in bad debt situations.

Our ambition
We want to create a step-change in the lives of those in the UK who need help the most. To do that, we need to scale up the Inclusive Economy Partnership.

We intend to go further and deeper into our three challenge areas as there is still so much more we can do together to affect change in each of the themes.

We want to inspire more businesses and civil society leaders to step up and take action in three key ways.

Boost 2021

Applications are open for BOOST 2021. The IEP is looking for scaling organisations to who can improve the livelihoods of people across the UK through improved mental health, increased financial resilience, the support and skills to access quality work, and through digital inclusion.

If you are a scaling organisation who addresses one of the above challenges areas, then BOOST 2021 is the next step accelerator programme for you.

Applications close midday Tuesday 23 February


By unlocking the power of partnerships, BOOST has enabled previous innovators to form partnerships with over 250 new businesses, civil society organisations or government departments and leveraged over £6m in additional funding and investment.  This has resulted in the innovators scaling their services and increasing their impact so as to unleash the potential of more people and communities across the UK.

Read more about the previous innovators here, and the impact and partnerships here.

More information on the Inclusive Economy Partnership can be found here