This project aims  to unpack and discuss young people’s experiences and perceptions of stop and search and to discuss and understand the protocols and legislations that govern stop and search procedures.

Last autumn, the Young Foundation was commissioned by the Haringey Community Panel to engage with local residents to understand the impact of the recent riots on Tottenham. We ran a series of community workshops with local people to discuss their experiences of the riots and to gather opinions and ideas on how Tottenham can move forward.

Our research revealed that many young people felt that the police seems disconnected from the local community. Excessive and sometimes overly confrontational use of stop and search was identified as another cause of tension in the community.

The Young Foundation was commissioned by College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London in Tottenham to work with the Metropolitan Police and the community based Haringey Stop and Search Monitoring Group (HSSMG) to design and run a series of workshops with students:

• Explore the impact of Stop and Search on young people in Tottenham.
• Help students gain a better procedural understanding of Stop and Search.


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