UPLIFT is an EU Horizon2020 project which aims to explore young people’s experiences of inequality in sixteen different cities across Europe/UK. Recognising that policies aiming to reduce inequalities are often ineffective, as they often do not capture the experiences of marginalised households, this project aims to develop a Reflexive Policy Agenda through participatory co-creation which places the voices and experiences of traditionally marginalised young people at its core.

Using both quantitative and qualitative methods, this project seeks to understand how education, housing and employment policies in particular, influence experiences of inequality. The first phase of the project will analyse existing data sets, as well as conduct in-depth qualitative interviews with young people in eight of the sixteen cities in order to understand both the indicators, and potential drivers of inequality. The second phase of this project will build upon this knowledge by co-designing together with young people​, policy solutions that aim to address the identified challenges in four of the sixteen cities – Talinn, Barakaldo, Sfantu Gheorge and Amsterdam. The Young Foundation will be conducting research in Corby and Belfast as part of this project and will be supporting the co-design process in Barakaldo, Spain.

Duration: January 2020 – December 2022