The Co-op wants to help make communities better places to live for people across the UK. They want to improve community wellbeing. 

The Young Foundation partnered with the Co-operative Group to conduct research on community wellbeing and to help them develop a ‘Community Wellbeing Framework‘. The Framework aims to strengthen the support the Co-op provides to the communities it serves through its businesses and ultimately drive real improvements in the wellbeing of local communities.

Our research puts communities’ views and options at the forefront. The Young Foundation therefore designed, and  conducted 15 community co-production workshops in various locations across the UK.  This approach ensured that the design of the Co-op’s Community Wellbeing Framework came from, and was determined by, the community and based on what matters to them in terms of wellbeing. The workshops focused on discovering:

  1. What wellbeing means to people and their communities
  2. What things in communities help people feel good or well
  3. What matters most to people in different parts of the country, and across different contexts, in terms of ‘community wellbeing’.



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