What will you submit to the Museum of 2020?

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What object sums up your experiences of 2020? What object will most remind you of 2020 in years to come? What ‘thing’ couldn’t you have coped without? Or has kept your spirits up? These are the questions we’re posing in a unique new project: the Museum of 2020.

Our campaign asks the British public to submit a photograph of an object which has come to mean more to them in 2020 – with an explanation of why they have chosen it and share via social media using the hashtag #Museumof2020. It could be anything from the chair they’ve sat in all year due to working from home, the cookbook they couldn’t have lived without when restaurants were shut, to a random online purchase that’s helped combat boredom – the more creative, the better! We’ll collate these images for a virtual exhibition in 2021 that explores our changing relationship with ‘stuff’ and how we come to understand our collective experiences through objects, rather than discussion. 

“2020 has been a year of immense upheaval, loss and change for everyone and this has changed the things and objects we value. It has meant us needing and relying on things that we wouldn’t have imagined before Covid-19 came along. Masks are the most obvious example of this. But we know that there are thousands of other objects which have taken on a new meaning for people in 2020. Those objects will be different, because of people’s different and unequal experiences of the pandemic – and we’d love you to share yours!. What will you put in the Museum of 2020?” – Helen Goulden, CEO at The Young Foundation.

Follow the #Museumof2020 hashtag on Twitter to see the submissions. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!


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  1. Maggie Alford

    The jams and pickles I made for the first time ever during the pandemic! They will continue to remind me of this time every time I eat some! #museumof2020