A nod is as good as a wink

Published: January 2012 Publication Type: Publication

Author: Genevieve Maitland Hudson

The U is interested in people and in the ways they get along with each other. At the same time, this organisation seeks to promote a low-key vision of community relations, much less high-energy than the schemes promoting asset transfer, citizens’ councils, allotment cooperatives or mutual pub ownership.  We call it a nod and a wink, and we think it’s just as important as the efforts behind more time intensive, tightly-knit groups (though those are valuable in their own way).

In short what The U believes we need in community relations are:

  • Good channels for new information to enter
  •  Effective means for information to percolate
  • Open, hospitable relations with our neighbours rather than the solidarity of tightly-knit community

The U’s mission to champion the nod, the wink and the over-the-shop-counter exchange of news that form the first crucial experience of reciprocal communal interaction for the majority of people in the UK today. In this report, we explore the social impact behind the loose ties of neighbourhood friendliness and what can be done to promote them.

Download a full PDF of the report.