Amplify Youth: Putting Young People at the Heart of Social Change

Publication Type: Publication

Authors: Isabel Young, Zoƫ Wilkins

Chief Executive summary:

Amplify Youth is a programme funded by Credit Suisse and delivered by The Young Foundation. We work with young people aged 16-25 in challenging areas of East London, Dublin and Belfast. Our aim is to tackle the structural inequality experienced by young people across the UK and Ireland by exploring the most pressing issues and equipping them with the tools of social innovation to create ideas with the potential to make a tangible difference to their communities. To do this, we invest in young people themselves by building capacity and recognising their latent potential; we make social innovation accessible by sharing the tools for change used in the social enterprise sector; and we equip young people with the qualitative research skills they need to hear from their peers and local communities to lead narratives of transformation.

Why it’s needed:

Amplify Youth is delivered in areas characterised by deep structural inequalities which impact the lived experiences of young people in each community. These include limited access to education and employment, poor mental health outcomes and high levels of deprivation. However, what we know from our extensive research is that these young people have the energy, expertise and potential to explore and address these issues from a position informed by their own experiences and those of their communities. Amplify Youth offers young people an opportunity they would otherwise be denied to face some of society’s greatest challenges head-on, and to recognise themselves as agents for change.

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