Being Seen, Being Heard: promoting emotional wellbeing for children and young people

Published: September 2012 Publication Type: Publication

Authors: Bethia McNeil, Mhairi Aylott, Nina Mguni

This document sets out research and recommendations for a school-based approach to promote emotional wellbeing amongst children and young people in Buckinghamshire. It focuses on supporting schools and local agencies to promote mental health interventions to boost mental wellbeing of children and young people and reduce the likelihood of poor mental health outcomes.

Our research with practitioners, children and young people in Buckinghamshire highlighted seven key themes, which are addressed in this document. We have recommended activities and interventions to support these themes. In addition, each recommendation is linked to the five ways to wellbeing. ‘Examples from elsewhere’ highlight interventions that have been developed and delivered across the country.

In considering what could be done in Buckinghamshire, the research gave rise to a number of underpinning principles, which point the way to increased wellbeing for children and young people.

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