Can We Afford to Ignore Community Resilience (Podcast)

Published: March 2013 Publication Type: Audio

This podcast is a recording of the seminar “Can We Afford to Ignore Community Resilience?” at Allen & Overy London on 18 March, 2013. The event was chaired by Patrick Butler, Editor of Society, Health and Education Policy for The Guardian; and featured Sir Robin Wales, Mayor of the London Borough of Newham; Dal Babu, Former Harrow Borough Commander and Chief Superintendent of the Metropolitan Police, Laura Dosanjh, Director of Applied Innovation, The Young Foundation; and Prof. Angie Hart, Professor of Child, Family and Community Health at University of Brighton. The event was also a launch for the London Borough of Newham’s report, “Making Resilience Happen.” In this talk, the panelists discuss their experiences promoting community resilience, and lay out the way forward for the kind of public service that helps people thrive and fulfill their potential rather than reacting to crises.

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