Eyes on the Horizon, Feet on the Ground: A Journey to find Humanitarian Education Outcomes

Published: March 2013 Publication Type: Publication

Authors: Gill Allbutt , Mhairi Aylott, Tessa Hibbert, Tim Sanders

This cartoon was created as part of the Catalyst Consortium’s report “Noticing the Change.” This report contains an overview of the process and learning undertaken by three youth organisations which agreed to pilot an outcomes approach in their work with young people, as set out in The Young Foundation’s 2012 report “A Framework of Outcomes for Young People.”

This cartoon reflects on a learning journey undertaken by a group of British Red Cross educators to collectively explore the impact of their humanitarian education work with children and young people.

The journey was driven by the desire for a more consistent and effective education programme capable of navigating the complex, diverse and fluid educational landscapes in which British Red Cross educators operate.

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