From Growing Interest to Interest Grown: Is the youth sector ready for social investment?

Published: March 2013 Publication Type: Publication

Author: Gemma Rocyn Jones

Being a young person in the UK today is tough. Unemployment, failures in the education system and high levels of young people not in education, employment or training are being compounded by cuts to youth services and funding for voluntary youth sector organisations.

The youth sector plays an important role in supporting young people to develop the social and emotional capabilities they need to make a successful transition to adulthood. However, it is under severe pressure from changes to commissioning practices and budget constraints. Social investment cannot compensate for reduced funding to deliver services, but it has useful roles it can play.

In their 2011 publication “Growing Interest” The Young Foundation outlined the potential for social investment for the youth sector. This new report summarises the learning from 18 months’ further work with over 350 youth sector organisations. The learning comes from an investment readiness programme The Young Foundation ran for youth sector organisations between October 2011 and March 2013.

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