Health and Social Care Policy Field Summary Report

Published: May 2017 Publication Type: Publication

Authors: Amanda Hill-Dixon, Dr Charlotte Heales, Dr Suzy Solley

Social innovation in health and social care is strongly determined by social values, culture and societal expectations. Answers to questions such as, who should pay for care? and, who deserves care? differ across contexts and come together to shape health systems as well as social innovations.

Reflecting this, barriers to implementing solutions are often embedded in the ideological and social beliefs held by communities and societies. This, and a number of other factors, can present challenges to efforts to bring about change in the health and social care sector.

This report draws together the components of the SI-DRIVE project that relate to the policy field of health and social care. It does this, using a breadth of different sources and research techniques, in order to understand the state of social innovation within health and social care across the globe.

The SI-DRIVE Project



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