How to Guides

Published: March 2011 Publication Type: Publication

Authors: John Loder, Sarah McGeehan

This series of guides is designed to help funders and project leads to set up and sustain innovative projects across the NHS. The How to Guides draw together the material on supporting health innovation which the Young Foundation has been delivering and refining as part of its support for the Regional Innovation Funds (RIFs).
The methods, techniques and approaches described within should act as a guide to the innovation process rather than a definitive and restrictive roadmap to success. By embedding these principals into future innovation activities we hope to further increase the quality, support and eventual success of innovators in the NHS.

These guides have been collated by the Young Foundation and NESTA working to support, advise and increase the capacity of the RIFs.

The 10 Strategic Health Authorities (SHAs) launched the RIFs in April 2009 to tackle the challenge of developing and mainstreaming innovation within the NHS. Fulfilling their mandate to lead service delivery innovation in the NHS, the SHAs have developed a portfolio of projects which attack some of the most urgent issues facing the NHS today by unleashing the imagination and knowledge of frontline staff. The SHAs have developed and refined a great deal of learning on how to promote and diffuse innovation across their areas, embedding innovative practice in day to day delivery.

The Young Foundation and NESTA has been supporting the SHAs, bringing deep experience of public sector innovation to bear on this enterprise. In this series of guides we collect much of the material that we have been using to perform this support role, refined by our participation in the RIFs, in order to contribute to the ongoing legacy of the Regional Innovation Funds.

How to Guide No.1 – Find and Select the Best Innovations

How to Guide No.2 – Contract, Monitor and Evaluate Innovations

How to Guide No.3 – Generating Economic Evidence for Innovation

How to Guide No.4 – Design and Deliver Support to Innovations