Innovation in tough times

Published: April 2010 Publication Type: Publication

Authors: Sophie Hostick-Boakye, Vicki Sellick

This paper explores social innovation in the current context of public sector spending cuts and a revitalized drive towards efficiencies in London’s public services. It captures outcomes of two London Collaborative ideas evenings with the London Leadership Network, held in Summer 2009, and draws on a body of research and evidence from across the country.

The key message is that we need to step up and improve London’s innovative capacity: there is no shortage of good one‐off examples but we need to embrace a more systematic approach to innovation, learn about and use a wider range of methods, and develop support t for risk taking. Above all, innovation needs to be grounded in a deeper understanding of citizens’ lives.

We first offered a draft of this paper as a ‘thought in progress’ in October 2009 and have since used its concepts to inform the Collaborative’s strand of work on innovation and ideas development.

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