Navigating uncertainty and remaining resilient: The experience of community businesses during Covid-19

Publication Type: Publication

Authors: Eve Avdoulos, Victoria Boelman, Zoë Wilkins

Funded by Power to Change, this Community Businesses and COVID-19 report explores the impacts of Covid-19 on community businesses in England and the ways they adapted in response. Community businesses provide support to communities all over the country. They are at the heart of everyday life, which has radically changed over a short period of time.

Over a 12-week period from June to August 2020 up to 27 representatives from community businesses participated in this online study whereby they answered themed questions, entered weekly diary entries and joined group discussions. The report delves into key periods during the Covid-19 pandemic in the UK, including how community businesses shifted into lockdown, adapted and diversified during the period, carefully re-opened services and reflected on the process. Key themes coming out of the research include the challenges of restrictions for businesses, the strength of local communities coming together and around how community businesses navigated information and support available.  The stories and experiences gathered from this study will help to inform the types of support that Power to Change is able to provide, as well as shape government policy aiming to support community businesses in the future.

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