NHS Arden Commissioning Support

Publication Type: Video

The Young Foundation joined forces with the NHS Arden Commissioning Support Unit in the West Midlands this year to develop and support local social ventures with an interest in solving some of the most intractable health problems such as obesity, long term conditions, supporting frail elderly, reducing inequalities in health.  There was no shortage of new ideas or ways in which social ventures could use their specific expertise to develop new and  innovative services which might address some of these problems in partnership with statutory health services.  This film shows project leads from the social ventures, who have been on a training and development programme run by The Young Foundation,  pitching their ideas to senior staff from health and local authorities in the West Midlands at our Demonstration Day held on 7th November, 2013.  It is hoped that many of the social ventures will be commissioned to provide these new services in 2014.

NHS Arden Commissioning Support from The Young Foundation on Vimeo.