Opening Doors to Apprenticeships 2: Reflecting on ways forward

Published: June 2010 Publication Type: Publication

Authors: Bethia McNeil, Hannah Walsh, Kirsty Anderson, Dr Marcia Brophy

Opening Doors to Apprenticeships (Paper 2: Reflecting on ways forward) is the second of two linked publications, following on from Opening doors to Apprenticeships (Paper One: Setting the Scene).

This new report considers the practical next steps that need to be taken in order to better understand disadvantage and/or disengagement from apprenticeships, to raise awareness, to create more effective pre-apprenticeship routes, and to improve employer engagement.

Nine local authority case studies supplement this paper including the three Pathfinder authorities. They detail the initiatives and approaches being taken to support access to apprenticeships for disadvantaged and/or disengaged young people.

It is often the case that young people with potentially most to gain from the apprenticeship route are those who experience the greatest barriers to access. This report highlights how the Apprenticeship Pathfinder, alongside the experience of the local authorities highlighted in the case studies, is beginning to shed light on new and innovative approaches in ‘opening doors’ to apprenticeships.

This publication forms part of the ongoing work of the Apprenticeship Pathfinder Project; working with the Pathfinder local authorities to create new and real workplace apprenticeships, develop strong employer roles and enhance careers services.

The Apprenticeship Pathfinder, funded by the National Apprenticeship Service, is working with three local authorities – Hertfordshire, Manchester and South Tyneside. This project is one strand of the Local Wellbeing Project – an innovative exploration of the ways in which local government’s practical understanding of how to increase wellbeing could be accelerated.

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