Opening the doors to apprenticeships

Published: February 2010 Publication Type: Publication

Authors: Bethia McNeil, Dr Marcia Brophy

Opening the door to apprenticeships is the first of two linked publications. This first report investigates the scale of the issues faced by young people who are disadvantaged and disengaged from apprenticeships in accessing and succeeding in these opportunities.

The second report will look at potential solutions to enable more effective policy and practice responses.
Apprenticeships form one of the four main learning routes for young people aged 14-19, and will play a critical role in achieving 100 per cent participation under the Raising of the Participation Age from 2013. Significant numbers of young people, however, continue to experience barriers to accessing and succeeding in Apprenticeships.

We have created a glossary to clarify some of the key terminology used within the ‘Opening Doors to Apprenticeships’ publications. Some of these concepts have various and often disputed meanings and this document provides a description of what is meant in this particular context.

Download a copy of the associated glossary.

Download a full pdf version of the report.