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Innovation and ideas development – a summary

This paper rounds up London Collaborative work in this arena from May 2009: it includes three innovations methods, each introduced to the London Leadership Network and explored through a practical project targeting a pressing social need. The paper outlines: Highlights from the three projects for Leadership Network members Reflections on what worked Where next?- wider... Find out more

Innovation in tough times

This paper explores social innovation in the current context of public sector spending cuts and a revitalized drive towards efficiencies in London’s public services. It captures outcomes of two London Collaborative ideas evenings with the London Leadership Network, held in Summer 2009, and draws on a body of research and evidence from across the country.... Find out more

Full of Life (Video)

March 2010

Full of Life was a Young Foundation peer-to-peer community based project to promote emotional resilience skills for older people in Kingston and Lambeth. Full of Life – Emotional resilience skills for older people from The Young Foundation on Vimeo. The project, funded by Comic Relief, developed and piloted a service to improve the wellbeing and... Find out more

Emotional Resilience for gangs

March 2010

Emotional Resilience for gangs from The Young Foundation on Vimeo. The Young Foundation was commissioned by Harrow Metropolitan Police to develop and pilot an emotional resilience programme targeting 14 -19 year olds who are offending or at risk of offending. Building on our successful training and delivery of the UK Resiliency Project in 24 secondary... Find out more

State of Happiness cover (January 2010)

The State of Happiness

The State of Happiness brings together four years of groundbreaking work based on in-depth pilots – from teaching resilience to children in schools to promoting neighbourliness – with three councils in very different areas of the country: Manchester, Hertfordshire and South Tyneside. This report from the Young Foundation and Local Government and Improvement highlights that... Find out more

Opening the doors to apprenticeships

Opening the door to apprenticeships is the first of two linked publications. This first report investigates the scale of the issues faced by young people who are disadvantaged and disengaged from apprenticeships in accessing and succeeding in these opportunities. The second report will look at potential solutions to enable more effective policy and practice responses.... Find out more

Never Again: avoiding the mistakes of the past

January 2010

Nicola Bacon

From the projects in Paris suburbs, to Chicago’s Cabrini-Green, to Broadwater Farm and Park Hill in Sheffield, high hopes and dreams have soured as, over time, ambitious new developments have become the housing of last resort for the most desperate. In the UK, some new developments, like Fountainwell Place in Glasgow and the North Peckham... Find out more

Helping or Hindering - Meeting Young People's Needs in Bedford cover (January 2010)

Helping or Hindering – Meeting Young People’s Needs in Bedford

January 2010

Dan Vale

This report looks at the needs of young people in Bedford, particularly focusing on how those who are not in education, employment or training seek assistance and access services. It identifies the lack of skills, opportunities, and qualifications as being common barriers for young people entering the labour market. But it also shows the importance... Find out more

Exploring household resilience in Teeside

January 2010

Dan Vale

This report looks at the lives of families living on low incomes in Teeside, exploring how people are meeting their needs in a time of economic recession. It paints a picture of people getting by in challenging circumstances. Despite the difficulties associated with financial pressures, high levels of debt, poor employment prospects and low levels... Find out more