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Going green and beating the blues

All over the world communities are grappling with two different agendas: on the one hand how to make their areas environmentally sustainable; on the other how to promote the wellbeing of local residents. Sometimes these agendas reinforce each other. But sometimes they clash. This discussion paper explores ways in which local government can use practical... Find out more

Incentive cards and behaviour change in London

November 2009

Vicki Sellick

This report by the Young Foundation as part of the London Collaborative was commissioned by Capital Ambition. It considers the opportunities to influence the behaviour of Londoners though a pan‐London smart card which is currently subject to a wider feasibility study. Specifically we have explored the theory of behaviour change, the evidence from elsewhere of... Find out more

Parenting and Wellbeing - knitting families together cover (September 2009)

Parenting and Wellbeing: knitting families together

Parenting and wellbeing: knitting families together argues that parenting support often fails because it ignores the wellbeing of parents themselves. The report draws on extensive national and international research, and a detailed investigation of parenting support in three very different parts of England: Hertfordshire, South Tyneside and Manchester. It recommends a range of approaches including... Find out more

The Leys

In May 2009, The Young Foundation was asked by The Wates Foundation to look into previous attempts at regeneration and priorities for the Leys estate in Oxfordshire. In July we presented our findings to The Wates Foundation. Download a full pdf of the report.

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Thinking about apprenticeships cover (July 2009)

Thinking about Apprenticeships

In January 2008, the government published World Class Apprenticeships: Unlocking Talent, Building Skills for All, which set out ambitious plans for Apprenticeships with the aim that one in five young people aged 16 to 18 will be apprentices by 2020. The review also announced plans to guarantee an Apprenticeship place to all suitably qualified 16-18 year olds by 2013.... Find out more