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Collaborative projects on youth crime

Working with Essex, Knowsley, Sheffield and Westminster local authorities, the Innovation Catalyst looks at the collaborative workstream on youth crime which provides research, intensive support and innovation consultancy to help develop and support innovative pilots. The Innovation Catalyst was a partnership between The Innovation Unit and The Young Foundation, supported and funded by the Improvement... Find out more

Meet the parents - stories of teenage pregnancy and parenthood in Lewisham cover (2009)

Meet the parents: stories of teenage pregnancy and parenthood in Lewisham

The Young Foundation was commissioned by the London Borough of Lewisham to look at how perceptions and expectations of young people in the borough impacted on teenage pregnancy. We carried out detailed ethnographic studies to capture the experiences of young people over a typical day, held focus groups and one-to-one interviews with young people, and... Find out more

Fixing the Future

February 2009

This paper is about how to mitigate the recession, and, where possible, turn crisis into opportunity. It has been prepared to provide a framework for thinking and action by governments and local authorities, voluntary organisations and businesses, linking the global dynamics of recession to action on the ground. In the paper we summarise the background... Find out more

Neighbourhood Taskforces

October 2008

Vicki Sellick

Conflict exists at all levels of society, from the most localised of settings where neighbours bicker over the height of hedges to its most extreme form, violence between nations. Tensions also exist under the surface of most communities. The root cause may be lingering feelings of bitterness over past events, stereotypes of other communities’ cultures... Find out more

Local Wellbeing: Can We Measure It?

The concept and language of wellbeing was first introduced at the local level through the Local Government Act 2000. The Act included a new power of wellbeing, providing local authorities with the power to do whatever they consider necessary to promote or improve the economic, social or environmental wellbeing of their area. Following this, useful... Find out more

Understanding neighbourliness and belonging

Understanding neighbourliness and belonging: A scoping paper for the Neighbourhood Action Network (published September 2008, updated in August 2010) In recent decades increased mobility, longer life expectancy, the breakdown of the extended family and an increasingly diverse and rapidly changing population have changed the way we live, and the extent to which we feel connected... Find out more

The London Collaborative: State of Play

June 2008

The London Collaborative is an ambitious programme designed to improve the capacity of London’s public sector to work across boundaries of place, profession and organisation in order to meet future challenges facing the capital. This publication provides an overview of the London Collaborative programme. Download a full pdf of the publication.

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