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The Hows and Whys of Evidence-Based Policy (Podcast)

December 2012

Very few would contradict the idea that policy decisions should be based on evidence. But how do we know if the methods we use to gather and analyse evidence are the right ones? Jeremy Hardie (Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social Sciences, LSE) addresses this in a lunchtime seminar for The Young Foundation. Robert... Find out more

Zoe and Hasan: The potential and impact of Health and Wellbeing Boards

November 2012

The story of Zoe and Hasan aims to highlight the potential of Health and Wellbeing boards. Showing some of the many different factors which influence our health and wellbeing, it also talks of the different external interventions and personal resilience that can help to boost it. Their story is based on interviews with families across... Find out more


The Accelerator

October 2012

In this video some of the new Young Foundation Ventures talk about what they do, why they do it, and why they are on The Accelerator programme. THE ACCELERATOR from Young Foundation Acccelerator on Vimeo.

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Improving pathways to employment in Loughborough Junction

This report is a summary of interviews, focus groups, and surveys of stakeholders and residents of Loughborough Junction carried out by the Young Foundation between March and October 2012 with funding from JPMorgan. Our research aimed to understand and map existing pathways to employment in Loughborough Junction (focussing on the local provision of education, skills... Find out more

Adapting to change: the role of community resilience

October 2012

Will Norman

Adapting to Change asks what it is that makes communities not just bounce back from adversity but thrive when faced with long-term challenges. The Young Foundation pioneered research and practice in this area and has developed the Wellbeing and Resilience Measure (WARM), a new tool designed to help communities understand their underlying needs and capacities.... Find out more