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Shrinking to Grow? The Urban Regeneration Challenge in Leipzig and Manchester

September Prior to 2005

Peter Hall

Leipzig and Manchester are superficially very different cities. Leipzig’s Communist government ran down its industrial base, which almost disappeared after German reunification. Manchester, one of the world’s oldest industrial cities, suffered no such fate. Yet these cities’ history and condition show remarkable parallels. Both have experienced deindustrialisation and out-migration; and both are recording abandoned housing.... Find out more

Exploring ethnic tensions through locality

July Prior to 2005

Belinda Brown

Institute of Community Studies Working Paper No.4 – July 2003 This publication outlines the issues that will be explored in a research project by the Institute of Community Studies (now The Young Foundation) looking into the relationship between people and place in London. There have been a number of books written on the way that processes... Find out more