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How local government devolves and why – Part 2

November 2006

Paul Hilder

Part 2: Developing local strategies. This briefing, commissioned by LGA and IDeA, outlines the building-blocks, tactics and approaches which can make up local authority startegies to enagaging with communities. It is illustarted by numerous case studies of best practice, many from the Transforming Neighbourhoods programme. Download a full pdf of the report.

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Parties for the Public Good

This report – backed by a major Ipsos/MORI poll – warns against ‘insider’s stitch up on party funding’ and calls for reversal of a 20 year trend towards ‘centralisation, marketing and dependence on dubious donors’’ which has left parties hollowed out and less trusted by the public; and makes recommendations for rebuilding political parties as... Find out more

Bridging the Gap: The London Olympics 2012 and South Asian – owned Businesses in Brick Lane and Green Street

This report which reveals a significant gap between the activities of the London Olympics 2012 development agencies and the expectations of small businesses in Brick Lane and Green Street. The study of 50 small Bangladeshi, Indian and Pakistani catering, commercial and retail outlets in Brick Lane (Tower Hamlets) and Green Street (Newham) analyses what local... Find out more

Local democracy and neighbourhood governance

Democracy can flourish in many different ways. It is presently evolving as fresh demands for and practices of participation fall in with and challenge the representative process. Our work has found that arguments between participation and representation prove sterile when we see how they can work together in processes of “everyday democracy”. Our recommendations here... Find out more

North East London: a case study of globalisation

This paper was put together for the 2006 Tällberg Forum exploring the impact of globalisation on the people, communities and economies of three north-east London boroughs: Tower Hamlets, Newham and Hackney. The boroughs of North East London are places where many of the changes driven by globalisation are visible in a stark form. They include... Find out more

Neighbouring in Contemporary Britain

In recent decades increased mobility, longer life expectancy and the breakdown of the extended family have changed the way we live our lives, and the extent to which we are able to be ‘neighbourly’. This think-piece reviews the way people interact with their neighbours (neighbouring) in contemporary Britain and questions whether we still need good... Find out more

Tools and Processes for Neighbourhood Problem-Solving? The place for charters, inquiries and community initiatives in new neighbourhood arrangements

As the agenda for future reforms of English governance at local and neighbourhood level develops, discussions have been underway in policy circles about two related issues; the introduction of “triggers” or “community calls for action”, and the more widespread use of contracts or charters to set out agreed standards of neighbourhood service provision or local... Find out more