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Good Days Bad Days cover

Good days & bad days: stories of ageing in the community

The demographics, statistics and predicted trends surrounding ageing can make fascinating, and sometimes alarming, reading. However, all too often researchers, policy-makers, and service providers can become transfixed by the numbers and lose sight of the individual experiences of the people behind the statistics. This new Young Foundation report, funded by the Big Lottery Fund (BLF),... Find out more

Innovation for the Public Good: The Five Keys to Innovation

October 2011

Vicki Sellick

Ask a passerby to name an innovative organisation and a familiar list soon appears: Apple, 3M, Google, eBay, etc. Less known are the innovative agencies in the public sector focused on finding new and better ways to tackle social issues such as crime, poverty, and educational underachievement. Vicki Sellick writes the latest installment of a... Find out more

Charlie and Marie: A tale of ageing

September 2011

As part of the Young Foundation’s Ageing Well Innovation Series we worked to visualise older people’s journeys in life from the age of 60 onwards. In particular we have been looking at significant events in the lives of older people, such as retirement, or a stay in hospital, and how they interact with different services... Find out more

Growing interest? Mapping the market for social finance in the youth sector

The 11,000 organisations that comprise the voluntary and community youth sector (VCYS) are under unprecedented pressure. This report considers the potential for social finance to not only address under-capitalisation, but also to grow the capacity and entrepreneurialism of the sector. Findings are based on a survey of nearly 100 leaders in youth sector charities and... Find out more

Mapping social networks to improve public service delivery

This presentation captures the findings from a project between Neighbourhood Management in King’s Lynn, the Young Foundation and Insight 1st, working with Netform social network analysis software. The aim of the project was to use social network analysis (SNA) to explore relationships between residents and public agencies delivering services in Fairstead, a priority neighbourhood management... Find out more